I am a queer woman with many exciting-sound hobbies. They’re seriously great at parties, until someone says, “Wow, you’re into planes?” and you tell them how ailerons work and they space out and go talk to the cute non-binary person in the corner who plays bass for a band they saw last weekend.


But seriously, I’m Elissa. I write video games for a living, but for the decade preceding this I developed & released indie titles. But generally, I write (prose, film & interactive fiction), take photos (film and digital), make dioramas, and go down various obsessive rabbit-holes as the mood takes me.

I’m also transgender, and this web site was originally an attempt to get back to blogging about that. I did for years when I first began to transition, but after a while there feels less and less to say.

Things you should be able to find here now or in future:

  • Information about my games, new or old
  • General life blog posts
  • Transition blog posts – old ones, or new ones with “editor’s notes” now they’re all half a decade old
  • Writing

If you want to contact me or cyber-stalk me to find out what I’ve been eating for lunch, you can do so on Mastodon as @vampiress@eigenmagic.net