IF: “So, About Last Night…”

Some time back, I decided to venture into writing interactive fiction. I initially began with Twine, as it’s the most famous web based IF tool, but ended up truly finding my feet with Ink. Ink is a fascinating engine/scripting tool made by Inkle Studios and used as a back end for many of their games, albeit with Unity-based front-ends as the games are graphical.

However, when I began to experiment with it, I found it a marvellous tool for creative free-standing web based IF, and their systems were so easy to use (as a writer and a programmer) that it quickly became second nature to me, and I found myself very productive using their native editor, Inky.

So, this was where I wrote “So, About Last Night…” is what I imagine you’re thinking. But no. I began other projects first. Sprawling ones. Both are still being made but… at a certain point, I had this image in my head: the whole ‘bitten by a vampire’ trope, the ‘hangover’-ness of the process… and how hunting down the vamp who may have turned you at a party would make for a great story.

The game is available now for free on itch.io – if you like the game, tips are appreciate there or on my ko-fi.

Note: there won’t be any explicit spoilers for the game in this.